Feedback and complaints

Mamre actively seeks and encourages feedback in relation to all aspects of the organisation. We have a strong commitment to continuous improvement through transparent and accountable practices. At times, Mamre may make mistakes or provide poor service. This is not by intention and the sooner Mamre realises its mistake, redresses any hurt and improves its service the less likely other families will be affected. Mamre takes all complaints seriously and will act promptly with the involvement of the family to rectify any poor service. Mamre will redress any upset caused and aims to improve its overall performance by learning from these complaints.

If you have a complaint against Mamre, please contact us promptly.


Phone the Director on:
(07) 3622 1222

Write to The Director at:
40 Finsbury Street
Newmarket Q 4051

If you feel uncomfortable about making a complaint on your own, Mamre encourages you to use an advocate.