Vision and Values

Vision of Pave the Way

The vision of Pave the Way is that people all over Queensland who have a disability are supported and safeguarded by their family and others to have a good life now and in the future.

Pave the Way assists families and people with a disability to develop a vision for now and the future, to plan towards making that vision a reality, and to develop ways to safeguard that vision and individual when the family is no longer able to do so.

Pave the Way will contribute to achieving this vision by:

  • assisting people to clarify their vision and plan
  • providing relevant information (including legal)
  • supporting people to develop further their strategies towards realising their vision
  • assisting people to develop networks and support circles
  • providing relevant ongoing support
  • developing and supporting panels of relevant professionals
  • providing workshops
  • supporting local people to promote and develop their own community responses
  • developing and documenting safeguarding strategies for people throughout Queensland
  • contributing what we learn from Pave the Way statewide, nationally and internationally.

Values of Pave the Way

Pave the Way values:

  • the giftedness in all people
  • people taking charge of their own lives
  • reciprocity
  • relationships
  • community
  • inclusiveness
  • family
  • contributing
  • listening
  • being with (not doing for)
  • integrity
  • openness
  • respect
  • simplicity
  • humility
  • peoples’ histories
  • learning
  • diversity
  • fidelity
  • congruence
  • creativity
  • working it out/having a go
  • vision
  • meaningful lives.