Working with People with Disabilities, Families and Carers

Pave the Way works with families and their relatives with a disability to develop and safeguard their vision and to plan for a good life now and in the future.

Pave the Way works with families rather than for them. We may work with individual families on the level of planning and information advice but do not offer an ongoing case worker or key worker role.

What we offer

  • NDIS Participant Readiness - more information coming soon. In the meantime please check our events calendar for presentations and workshops in your area. You can also check the Queensland Government's Department of Communities, Disability Services website for more information about Participant Readiness activities across Queensland.
  • Workshop and information sessions. These are offered in metropolitan and regional areas of Queensland. The workshops and information sessions focus on the importance of vision building and planning, and developing networks and circles of support. They include information and practical help around future planning as an important strategy for safeguarding the future of family members with a disability.
  • Planning. Planning is an important long term safeguarding strategy. Pave the Way can work with families on an individual level to assist with planning either on an informal level or through a structured planning session facilitated by a Pave the Way staff member.
  • Strategies to keep people safe – exploring networks, circles of support and other strategies. Pave the Way can assist individual families to explore a variety of ways to invite other people to share their vision and planning for their relative with disability.
  • Clarifying legal issues. Pave the Way does not provide individual legal advice but can provide information for families to help clarify some of the legal issues and questions involved in future planning for their relatives with a disability.
  • Information - Relevant, accurate and timely information is crucial. Pave the Way offers assistance to families in finding and analysing information that may be helpful in future planning for their relatives with a disability. Stories from other families can help in seeing the practical application of this information. 
  • Resources  Articles and websites relevant to future planning issues are included on the website. Pave the Way also has a small collection of books and print articles that may be of assistance to families. 

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