Workshops and information sessions

Pave the Way Workshops and Information Sessions

Pave the Way offers a range of Workshops and Information Sessions to support families as they work towards developing a good life for their family member with a disability, now and in the future.

The workshops are based on our belief in the importance of

  • clarifying a vision for what makes a good life
  • planning to implement that vision
  • inviting other people to be involved in our vision and planning
  • having relevant information at the time it is needed.

The shorter workshops deal with one or two of these aspects in a reasonably brief overview. The longer workshops allow for a deeper understanding of these ideas and for the development of skills in applying them to each individual family’s situation. While there is no set order in which the workshops should be completed some of the longer workshops require prerequisites so that families are more prepared for the depth of concepts and for the challenges and strategies outlined in these longer sessions.

The Workshop Overview outlines the basic content and registration criteria of these events. You can register your interest by using the Contact Us form online, or by phone or email.

Workshops and Information sessions are conducted in metropolitan and regional areas of Queensland.

Attendance costs for the live-in workshops are subsidised for families. Support can be offered when needed to enable parents to attend.

Pave the Way workshops are designed for family members and people in their networks, not for people working in service roles.

The Pave the Way workshop calendar for each three months is published on the website and in the quarterly Pave the Way Newsletters.

Workshops conducted by Pave the Way staff are sometimes arranged by other organisations. Each individual organisation determines registration requirements for these events. Contact details for these organisations are included in our newsletter and in the Workshop Calendar.

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